My Story

This story started when I was pregnant with my first child and was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.
As a Dietitian, that hit me really hard! But I took extra care of my diet because I only wanted my baby to be healthy and happy.

As my son grew into a toddler, I struggled to find healthy food alternatives for him. Unfortunately, most products are highly processed and full of added sugars and other ingredients unsuitable for children.

This inspired me to start this company and help parents like us who want to feed our children cleaner, healthier, and tastier.

Carmen B.
Mompreneur and Founder of Green Parenting

A Mom-Founded & Woman-Led Canadian Company

We proudly offer products specially designed for the little ones in da house.
Plant Baby is made with the highest quality ingredients, carefully selected and combined to provide the best possible nutrition for your child.

But we are more than just a food company. We are a community of parents who understand the challenges and joys of raising healthy and happy children.

We hope Plant Baby can be a positive addition to your child's nutrition. We look forward to growing and learning with you and your family!

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