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High Powered Electric Mixer for Smooth Plant-Based Toddler Milk

High Powered Electric Mixer for Smooth Plant-Based Toddler Milk

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Say goodbye to clumpy plant-based milk for your little one. 
Our Plant Baby Electric Mixer is here to transform your daily routine into a seamless and fun experience. Crafted with busy moms in mind, this high-powered mixer is designed to make every sip of Plant Baby smoother.
We understand that mixing plant-based ingredients with water can be challenging, often resulting in clumps and uneven textures. But don't worry, we've got your back!
Our Plant Baby Mixer instantly blends your toddler's plant-based milk and guarantees a smooth and consistent mix every time, ensuring that each sip is delicious and nutritious.
Order now and give your little one the nutrition they deserve!
Note: The Plant Baby Electric Mixer is sold separately and does not include Plant Baby powdered milk.
*Uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

Use Instructions

- Fill up to one-third of a mug or glass with the desired liquid (e.g., water, milk, etc.)
- Pour the desired powdered beverage into the liquid (e.g., Plant Baby, protein powder, etc.)
- Insert the mixer coil into the liquid and turn it on by pressing the top button.
- To avoid or reduce splashing, insert the coil into the liquid before turning it on.
- To turn it off, stop pressing the button until you get the desired results.
- Turn it off before removing it from the liquid.

Tip: move around the coil inside the liquid for better results.

*Be careful when mixing hot beverages to avoid burns from splashes.

Cleaning Instructions

Hand wash only.
- Wash the coil with warm water and soap and let dry. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
- Do not put the mixer in the dishwasher.
- Do not immerse the mixer in water.

Safety Instructions

- Keep the mixer and the batteries out of reach of children.
- Remove the batteries if the mixer will not be used for a long time. Store the mixer in a dr place.
- Refrain from immersing the handle in the liquid.
- Do not expose the batteries to heat or fire.
- Dispose of the batteries and the mixer per your local regulations and recycling guidelines.
- Replace the batteries when the mixer visibly loses power.


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  • Effortless Mixing

    Say goodbye to clumps!

    Our Electric Mixer effortlessly blends your Plant Baby powder with water for a smooth, consistent texture every time.

  • Time-Saving

    Busy mom?

    We've got you covered!

    With the simple touch of a button, you'll have your toddler's Plant Baby ready in seconds.

  • Convenience

    Lightweight and compact, take the mixer anywhere – playdates, vacations, or grandma's house. Mix Plant Baby wherever you wander.

  • Versatile

    Beyond Plant Baby, this mixer can be used for other beverages or recipes, making it a helpful addition to your kitchen.

Choose the Plant Baby Electric Mixer for smoother blends and delightful moments in just a few seconds.